Services Offered

We are happy to work as a locum RVN as required for sick cover, holiday cover or any other short term or part time assignment.  Within reason we can cover weekends and accommodate normal shift patterns, but we are not actively seeking to work nights.

We are able to offer:-

  • Typical VN duties
  • Nursing of patients/kennel duties
  • Theatre, lab, radiography, reception and Dispensing duties
  • Helping student nurses where possible
  • Cleaning if required


We do not have a minimum period, so if we are available we are happy to cover a single day through to a month or so.


Please see our AREA COVERED page for details.  Please CONTACT US to discuss your opportunities.


Costs are correct as of May 2012.

Our nursing locum costs vary depending on the location and size of the role we are covering.  Please note however if you deal directly with us we only charge for our agreed work and we do not have any up front or ongoing agency fees. 

Our minimum charge for a pre-planned full day in the local area is £15ph

For 1/2 days or for short notice (<1 week) engagements we charge £16ph

For practices beyond 15 miles of Melksham we would charge a minimum of £16ph plus expenses for fuel and accommodation (at cost)

 We are able to work with you as PAYE if necessary,  or we are able to invoice you directly from our company for our services.  The choice is yours.  If you require PAYE we will charge an additional £1 ph to cover the administrative overhead and our double-paying of NI.


All invoices and receipts will be submitted through our company PQ Services.  We are a legal and formal tax paying partnership company, though we are NOT VAT registered through choice.  Your Vet Nurse Help is just a trading/advertising name used for our locum VN offering.